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Welcome to the Press Kit of Kris Manley and Resumes for Children

Celebrate your child's talents, gifts, accomplishments, awards and even challenges. How? Glad you asked - by developing their resume.

Choosing activities that provide your child with life skills as well as build character is a key element to their success. Documenting those is also a key element to their success. Why? Keeping before them a present visual reminder of their activities, awards, accomplishments, gifts, talents, etc., gives encouragement and pride in what they do and have done. It also allows them to see how well they have progressed over the years. In other words, you will assist your child in "behaving" their way to success.

A resume for a child:

  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Presents a child in such a way that others will want to invest in that child
  • Shows that a child's accomplishments go beyond his or her report card 
  • Affirms the importance of what a child does

Kris Manley wrote this wonderful guide, Resumes for Children - 17 Years Old and Under, because she saw a missing piece. Parents talk about their children's activities, accomplishments, awards, and challenges, but most parents don't document them. Resumes for Children - 17 Years Old and Under gives parents a great start because a child will someday need a resume. So let's be proactive and begin early.

This online press kit is designed to meet the media's needs. You may also visit the public Website at www.resumesforchildren.com .


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